I have been working as a creative professional for over twenty-five years. I have experience in a wide range of creative disciplines from architecture to environmental graphics to print and web graphics. For the past fifteen years I have been focused on brand strategy and graphic image to help companies realize their brand and build a strong image that connects with their market. 
I started moving toward brand focused design when working as a senior designer at Landor Associates in San Francisco. As a member of the Environmental Brand department, I helped define company brands such as bp, Accenture, Banco Bradesco in Brazil and many others.
After leaving Landor Associates, I began my own boutique brand development business where I helped small businesses, startups and some local politicians develop their brand image and increase their share of the market. Having a small office in Downtown Davis connected me with local business and political community and help build strong relationships within Davis.
With the last downturn of the economy I was forced to close the design business and take a teaching position at a private design school in Sacramento, California. Here I taught the basics of design such as color theory, typography and page layout. Though teaching most of the day, I kept to my own professional work with a continuous string of client projects.
Eager to spend more time building brands and designing graphics, I left the academic world to returned to my professional design career. Currently I am a freelance designer, focusing on brand driven strategy and design.
phone: 916.273.4309 / email: ladd@lwbrandx.com
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